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Zoo Fitness – The Truth About Gym Memberships!

In recent years, there has been a lot of talk about Zoo Fitness in San Francisco. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency recently introduced a new plan that would make it easier for commuters to use public transportation to get to work, and the San Francisco Bay Area Chamber of Commerce has been promoting fitness and wellness. With that said, we want to take a closer look at how this plan can affect you if you are currently a gym member.

Zoo Fitness – Is Your Gym Keeping You From the Gym?

Under the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s new plan, new and existing gyms will be required to upgrade their equipment maintenance in order to stay compliant with the new regulations. Starting on July 13, 2020, gyms must close all indoor operations by July 15, in order to be able to operate safely during the implementation. Additionally, if the gym has not yet upgraded its equipment by July 15, they must do so within one year of implementation. The new regulations will also require gyms to provide a minimum amount of time between operations to allow all patrons a chance to use the equipment before it shuts down.

The San Francisco County Health Department is also looking into the future of gyms in San Francisco and has set up a committee to study the issue.

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