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Why you should go for MBBS in Kazakhstan?

MBBS in Kazakhstan is for those students who are looking forward to becoming good doctors but lack financial support. Students can’t afford the high tuition fees or the donation required to seek admission in India’s private medical college. As Kazakhstan mbbs course education cost is quite affordable, moving there to pursue your medical course is a wise decision.

Recognized by the WHO, these universities located in Asia’s heart offer a tremendously worth medical degree to the students without any hassle. The students do not even need TOEFL or IELTS scores for seeking admission here. Most of the medical universities of Kazakhstan are MCI approved and affiliated. They have an amazing infrastructure with a huge campus and all modern amenities. The clinical education in this country is worthy as the faculty here offer quality medical education.

As students from various parts of the world seek education, they have a well-developed hostel and food facilities. However, Eklavya Overseas recommends checking for the reputation of the university and its faculty before seeking admission. It is because there are numerous universities, both public and private, claiming to offer quality education.  


Why Is choosing Kazakhstan for MBBS a bright choice?

These universities are globally accepted, which allows the pass-out students to apply for practice in any country. Here are a few remarkable features of the MBBS course in Kazakhstan:

  • They allow students to seek direct admission.
  • Most of these universities are public or government-undertaken.
  • The medical colleges are MCI approved, allowing students to come back to India and easily appear for the screening test to qualify for practice.
  • The course uses English as the medium for instruction to avoid language-related hindrances.
  • You do not need to give any donation amount or capitation fees for seeking admission. You can connect with Eklavya Overseas for better detail in this regard. 
  • The student can easily apply and get his/her visa as Kazakhstan welcomes Indian students.

Every year, around 5,000 students leave India to pursue MBBS course abroad. Going to Kazakhstan for medical education is a bright choice as the cost of education is quite less than other countries, and it also helps save a year. Unlike many other countries, the medical course here is for five years. Having an excellent faculty and modern equipment to work with, the education system and these medical courses attract a huge number of students from different corners of the world.


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