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Which Are the Right UTV Tyres?

When buying a UTV tyre you need to choose the right one. The wheels that are fitted to your car are usually called Tyres. Tyres are measured by their load index, where each wheel is then checked to see how much weight it can support without sinking. Most UTV Tyres is Crossply construction, however some UTV Tyres is now also optimised for off road use and now has a” -,” or Radial Construction with a ‘ -‘ before the Rim to indicate this. These tyres can look very similar to the ones used on a car, however they have been specially designed for off road use and can have very different carrying capacities.

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If you are buying new UTV Tyres then there are two main types of tread pattern that are normally offered: a wet and a dry tread pattern. The Wet Tread pattern gives more traction on a wet surface and is ideal when driving over mud and sand. The dry pattern gives better grip in dry conditions but is no better at coping with muddy conditions. It is generally agreed that the more expensive UTV Tyres is made with the best off road tyres available. As with any other vehicle tyre, the quality of any tyre is subject to wear and tear and if they are used every day they need to be inspected often to ensure that they are still in good condition.


Which Are the Right UTV Tyres?

Once you have decided which type of tyre you would like you should inspect the Tyres for any signs of wear and tear. The Tyres should be flat, as well as free of chips, cracks and/or breaks, and they should appear to be relatively solid. If you notice any signs of wear, you should get the vehicle checked by a UVA technician to ensure that the tires are not suffering from rust. If the Tyres are rusting, you should consider changing the Tyres as soon as possible to prevent any long-term damage.

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