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Sales Funnels – An Organically Constructed Marketing Funnel

sales funnels

Sales funnels are very powerful marketing tools. But before they become powerful, you have to understand their structure and how best to use them in order to reach your sales goals. There are three stages in every sales funnel: Customer acquisition, commission earning and conversion. In this article, I will discuss each of these stages in detail and explain how to use them to your advantage to generate the maximum amount of revenue.


Customer acquisition is the first stage in every marketing funnel and it is often considered the boring but necessary stage. You need to know what the needs of your prospects are so that you can reach into their potential market and meet them. This is a critical step because it allows you to determine the viability of your products or services and make sure that you provide what your prospects need. After you have determined if your prospects are ready to buy now, you can move on to commission earning.


Commission earning is the second step in sales funnels and it is where you earn money from your prospects after you have successfully attracted them with your customer acquisition strategy. Here you have to think carefully about how you want to structure your campaigns and choose the right kinds of products or services that you will be offering to your potential customers. There are many options available for you and it is important that you are comfortable with the ones that will allow you to reach your goals effectively.

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