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4 Weeks Prior to Move: Organizing
Mondays – Thursdays are your best decisions with the goal that banks and workplaces are open on the off chance that you have an issue.
Orchestrate utility exchanges.
Inform current and future utility suppliers of your move date. Note when current security stores will be discounted and what amount is expected when for the new ones. This incorporates:
__ Cable/satellite TV
__ Cell telephone service
__ Electricity
__ Gas
__ Internet/broadband
__ Local telephone service
__ Long separation telephone service
__ Propane
__ Recycling get
__ Sewer
__ Security framework
__ Trash get
__ Water
NOTE: It’s a smart thought to plan utility “turn on dates” in any event one day before the move date and “mood killer dates” at any rate one day after the transition to take into consideration crises or issues that may emerge.
Record change of address.
At least, record a Temporary Change of Address with the U.S. Mail station to buy you time before you inform every other person. You can document online at the USPS site or call 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777) (both have a $1 charge), or go to the neighborhood Post Office and complete structure PS 3575.
Ensure you have enough cash.
Most moving organizations demand being paid in cash before they empty a solitary box. Be certain have the right sum with you with moving costs, stores, tips, and whatever else you’ll require on moving day.
Start a “difference in address log.”


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