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Emergency Tow Services

After this date, new passenger and cargo vessels built after this date and all passenger ships operating on international waters must have at least emergency towing systems in place. For passenger ships built prior to Jan 1st, 2020, they must be compliant no later than January 1st, 2020. This regulation applies to vessels that are used for recreational purposes or for chartered voyages. Additionally, this law applies to all vessels carrying liquefied petroleum gas, and to passenger cars that are being towed as a result of a car wash service.

emergency towing


Emergency Tow Services

Because maritime laws require that any vessel carrying hazardous materials or dangerous goods be properly equipped, it is essential that all towing services are registered and bonded. To ensure that a service complies with this requirement, the company should have a signed certificate from the International Salvage Service Association (ISSA). The ISSA has certified all of its member companies and holds a strict code of conduct. This means that a salvage company is not allowed to tow a ship if it is suspected of not being up to code or operating in an unsafe manner.

Because maritime laws require that towing services provide a fully comprehensive service to the public, many states also require that a company have a specialized license. In addition, the company may have to pay a fee to the state in which the vehicle is towed for the privilege of operating a tow service on their behalf. Finally, some states require that a vehicle towed by a specialized service must be equipped with a hazard warning system.

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