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Doctors Elwood – A Facility That Treats You Well

Doctors Elwood is a medical practice that gives their patients top quality care at affordable rates. The doctors are highly qualified and dedicated to giving you the best in emergency, routine care, and prevention. There are five full-service doctors at this facility located in Indianapolis. They include, Dr. Zachery, Dr. Bass, Dr. Johnson, and Dr. Zick. They work together to help you meet your healthcare needs.

doctors elwood


Doctors Elwood – A Facility That Treats You Well

In the Doctor’s Elwood Indianapolis area you will be able to find all of the basic and required healthcare services such as physicians, nurses, dental care, specialists, and chiropractors. The doctors at this facility are committed to providing personalized patient care. Each one is highly trained to give you the best treatment available based on what is best for your condition. This clinic also includes a small emergency room and X-ray center. It is staffed by doctors, nurses, and dental assistants. In addition to this the doctors are always on hand to help you whenever you call for follow-up or if you have a question that they can address.


There are a variety of plans available through this clinic including short and long term care coverage. The plans can be tailored to the individual’s medical needs. The physicians at the Doctors Elwood Indianapolis can provide you with a medical home visit, a full range of primary care, and diagnostic care. The physicians at this facility work closely with you to ensure that you are provided with the highest level of care possible.

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