Childcare – The Hard Facts

There are two basic types of childcare, private and public. The latter is typically provided in public institutions such as daycares, orphanages, or military schools. Private child-care facilities can be provided by parents themselves, or by non-profit organizations such as religious sects and fraternal associations.

ChildCare – Resources for Child Care and Advice from the Field

The goal of private child-care institutions is to provide for the basic needs of today’s children. However, it is often difficult for a parent to be financially able to provide these basic needs when there are children in daycare, at school, or during an extended family vacation. In addition, children who are home-schooled are often unable to receive the kind of attention from their parents that they would get if they were attending a preschool or daycare.

While in some cases, a parent might choose to enroll their child in a daycare facility, many parents find it difficult to attend to their children at this level. This can cause resentment, as parents will often find themselves spending more time with their children, and less time with their own children. For this reason, many daycares require parents to make weekly visits to their child’s primary caretaker (a social worker, psychologist, teacher, or nurse, or an employee appointed by the daycare provider). Daycare centers also have the ability to provide a variety of enrichment activities and special programs, depending on their child care practices.

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