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Arai Helmet – Quality Riding Helmet From Australia

Arai helmets Australia – Arai helmets are manufactured in Australia by the Arai Group, an Arai International company located in Wellington, New Zealand. The company was started in 1977 by two men who saw the need for a good motorcycle helmet and wanted to provide it to the market. They have spent many years in research and in development to provide the market with the best and most modern helmets available on the market. They believe strongly that this is their business and they have designed all their products to meet the requirements of the market.

arai helmet australia


Arai Helmet – Quality Riding Helmet From Australia

\In the early days of the company, Arai helmets were mainly used in the sports of motor biking but later on, they were also designed to be used by those who participate in the sport of motorcross. One of the products which they introduced was the “Arai Triathlon Helmet”, which is a high performance biker’s helmet. Another product which they introduced was the “Arai Scissorheads” which is also high performance bikers’ helmets. Both these products are used by various professional riders in the world. Arai is a pioneer company in the field of producing helmets for use in the motorcycling industry and it also produces other accessories for the same such as handlebars and mirrors.


When compared to other helmets available in the market, the Arai helmet Australia is unique because of its V-Tec liner which is a patented formula. It is also worth noting that the company has spent more time and money in the research and development of their product than any other company. They have spent more than twenty years in research and development of the technology which is used in their helmets. You can also look for more accessories which can be used along with your Arai helmet Australia from this company. You can check out their website for the latest product information and for product availability. You can also check out for discount offers and free shipping options which can be availed when you make your purchase from this company.