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How Often Do You Watch Movies?

This is a pertinent question that should be taken seriously if you want to save some cash in the entertainment department. Just think about it. How often do you venture of to the theater to catch a fl........ Read More

Animation And Game Design Going To The Movies

Animation and game design have, for the most part, fallen into two categories in the past. You either worked on animation for children’s movies or you focused on animation for video games. Today, ........ Read More

10 Greatest Martial Arts Movies Of All Time

After hundreds of movies, thousands of eye-popping fight scenes and millions of punches thrown...which ones are the best? Which ones have I been missing out on my whole life? Which ones must I have in........ Read More

Download Music, Movies And Games For Free - A Hot Issue

The Internet is used by a lot of people to download music, movies, games and various other soft wares for free. The legality of this practise is, and will be for a long time, a hot issue. Some countri........ Read More

Romantic Movies That’ll Make You Laugh

Romance is serious business. Or is it? Which do you think your husband would choose if put to the test: a.) Watch the beautiful tearjerker movie, The Notebook b.) Do anything that doesn’t involve ........ Read More

How Men’s Jewellery Is Making It Into The Movies

Copyright 2006 Tatstar Take a close look at what some of the A and B list actors are wearing. Whether it’s in the movies or off-screen, actors are beginning to wear the odd bit of mens’ jewellery........ Read More

Hot Movies - Just For The Voyeur In You!

Someone once said that pornography is just a mere depiction of human imagination, thoughts we would never dare to put into action but others have done it for us. The truth is that pornography has reac........ Read More

The Top 5 War Movies Of All Time

Over the past few decades, a number of amazing war movies have hit the theaters. Although there are many war movies that have done an excellent job of portraying the conflict and the reality of the s........ Read More

Ipod Movies – Unlimited Ipod Movies Site Review

Ipod Movies Unlimited Ipod Movies is one of the best ways I have found for ipod movies. Not only do you get unlimited ipod movies you also get music. Ipod movies and music are from the largest lists ........ Read More

Mp3 Player Movies

MP3 player movies to download is an excellent choice for getting the latest movies quickly and without the hassles of traveling to the store. There are many locations right on the web that can provide........ Read More

The Beginnings Of Disney Movies

Walt Disney’s signature contracting him to the Alice Comedies on October 16th 1923 was the foundation of the "Disney Company" previously known as Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio. Walt had decided to ........ Read More

Watching Dvd Movies In Pocket Pc, It’s Possible

If you’re the type of person who loves watching movies via the DVD or in movie houses and can’t go on living without your Pocket PC, it’s time to combine both ideals in one specification. In t........ Read More

My Top Ten Favorite Baseball Movies

My top ten baseball movies consist of five movies on the list. That sounds pretty weird. There have been many movies with a baseball theme that I have liked, but there are only five I have loved. I wi........ Read More

Cruisers Rave About Princess Cruise Line's Outdoor Movies

Cruise lines are constantly geared toward providing a steady flow of shipboard entertainment for cruisers to enjoy. They want your time at sea to be just as exciting as the ports of call you'll visit........ Read More

Poster Frames: Movies And More

Poster frames are an investment that you shouldn’t live without. There are actually several types of these frames available to serve the function that you need them to. Why should you bother putting........ Read More


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