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Er (season 2) Dvd Review

One of the more popular "reality" dramas on prime time TV, ER follows the lives of several of emergency room doctors and staff personal working a bustling Chicago ER. The makes a concerted effort to r........ Read More

Little House On The Prairie (dvd) Review

Nominated for 17 Emmys, including one Golden Globe for Best TV Series - Drama, Little House On The Prairie is one of the most popular shows in television history. Based on the autobiographical series ........ Read More

The Godfather (dvd) Review

Winner of three Academy Awards including Best Picture, The Godfather was nominated for an additional eight Oscars. The brainchild of celebrated author Mario Puzo, the film is considered the crowning a........ Read More

Dallas (season 5) Dvd Review

Nominated for 18 Emmys and 15 Golden Globes in its thirteen season run, Dallas is the 1,000-pound gorilla of the prime-time drama/soap opera genre. Premiering in 1978 as a five-part miniseries, the sh........ Read More

Stargate Sg-1 (dvd) Review

A sequel to the 1994 movie Stargate, Stargate SG-1 is one of the premiere science-fiction series on television. First airing in July 1997, the show has been nominated for 7 Emmys and 23 Saturn Awards......... Read More

Cheers (season 5) Dvd Review

One of the funniest TV comedies ever produced, Cheers is essential viewing for anyone who's ever frequented a hangout "where everyone knows your name". The shows focuses on a friendly neighborhood Bos........ Read More

Watching Dvd Movies In Pocket Pc, It’s Possible

If you’re the type of person who loves watching movies via the DVD or in movie houses and can’t go on living without your Pocket PC, it’s time to combine both ideals in one specification. In t........ Read More

Rent Free Dvd Movie

The wait is finally over. Rent movie is now available at your nearest movies store and online websites. Rent free DVD movie has become the most cost effective and direct way of communications for mill........ Read More

Seinfeld (season 5) Dvd Review

The preeminent show of the 1990's decade, Seinfeld grew from an idea of "a show about nothing" into a sacred pop culture icon, not that there's anything wrong with that... The show follows the life of........ Read More

Just Shoot Me (dvd) Review

Nominated for 7 Golden Globes and 6 Emmys, including Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series, Just Shoot Me is among the top cutting-edge situation comedies of the late-1990s and early-2000s. The NBC ........ Read More

The X-files (dvd) Review

Nominated for 12 Golden Globes and 61 Emmys, including 4 for Outstanding Drama Series, The X-Files is one of the world's most popular science-fiction drama shows. Premiering in the Fall of 1993 on the........ Read More

A Soccer Dvd Can Help Take Your Game To New Heights

Soccer is the world's most popular game, and consequently there is no shortage of books, videos, and DVD's that focus on the game. Like fans of most any sports, soccer lovers are likely to want to foc........ Read More

Cd And Dvd Replication Take Marketing To The Next Level

Every business needs to have an edge, and it's been proven time and time again that creative, attention-grabbing marketing strategies can push a product into prominence, garner media attention, and re........ Read More

The Dukes Of Hazzard (season 2) Dvd Review

One of the highest rated prime time television shows of the late 70s and early 80s was The Dukes Of Hazzard. The family friendly action series took a comic book approach to telling its tale of a famil........ Read More

Buying And Properly Caring For Anime Collectable Dvds

In the United States alone, it is estimated that thousands of individuals participate in a hobby that is commonly referred to as anime collecting. Anime collecting involves the buying, storing, and........ Read More


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